Your breasts in pregnancy

So, you’ve had the same boobs ever since they appeared in puberty, give or take a little weight gain or loss here and there – and suddenly, as soon as you conceive, they change so much it’s like they’ve turned into someone else’s. Check out our top tips for treasuring your chest during the nine-month stretch…



One of the first changes in your breasts you might notice is soreness. In fact, lots of women say this is how they sussed out they were pregnant, before they even took a test! Hormones are to blame of course, increasing blood flow and making your chest feel swollen and sensitive, a bit like when you have your period but probably more noticeable than that. Time to start lying on your side…



From about six to eight weeks into pregnancy, you (or your admiring other half) might notice your breasts getting bigger. And bigger. Well, get ready for some bra shopping as they’ll carry on growing throughout your pregnancy, and you can easily go up a cup size or two, especially if it’s your first baby. If you haven’t done before, why not show them off a bit with an attention-grabbing top?



Just like the skin on your tummy, the delicate skin on your breasts will stretch as they grow, which can cause itching. The good news is that our best-selling Tummy Rub isn’t just designed to protect against stretch marks and calm itchy, stretching skin on your tummy – it’s for boobs too!



Did you get leaky boobs when you were pregnant? Some women do, some don’t. But in your third month, your breasts start producing colostrum, the special milk your body makes for your newborn. It can leak out in the last few months of pregnancy, so invest in some breast pads just in case. You might notice your nipples getting bigger and darker too – all preparing your boobs to do their big job of feeding your baby.



Treasure you chest by finding a good, supportive maternity bra and getting it fitted professionally. This will prevent chafing, support your boobs and stop them getting sore from too much jiggling. And get super sag prevention with our Boob Tube, which is safe to use in pregnancy and contains a high concentration of omegas, botanical extracts and antioxidants to protect this delicate area of skin from the change in shape of your breasts.


And remember, healthy breasts will change in pregnancy, but if you notice any changes you’re not sure about, always speak to your GP…

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