What to do about pregnancy break-outs…

Mother nature can be a bit mean sometimes. Not only do you have a world of strange symptoms to cope with when you are pregnant, you might also find that instead of that ‘pregnancy glow’, you have a bunch of zits that pop up out of nowhere – for the first time since you were a teenager!


No wonder. High levels of hormones called androgens can make the sebaceous glands in your skin grow larger and boost production of that oily substance you’ve probably heard of – sebum. The result is often spots. Although you might find if you have dry skin, the dryness is less of a problem. Or, you might find that if you normally suffer from spots, they disappear. That’s hormones for you – unpredictable!


So what can you do if you have a break-out of spots when you’re pregnant? Here are our top tips:


1.Keep up a steady, gentle skincare routine to keep your skin feeling gorgeous. Perfectly formulated to help maintain a clear, radiant complexion throughout pregnancy, our Gorgeous Glow balancing facial wash deep cleans and gently soothes sensitive, hormonal or misbehaving skin.


2.Treat your face to a massage – in the form of an extra minute at the sink or splurge on a professional facial! Kick-starting your skin’s circulation boosts lymphatic drainage to send puffiness on its way, and gives your skin the extra oxygen and nutrients it needs to stay happy and healthy.


3.It’s tempting, but try not to squeeze, rub, or burst your pimples – it’ll just make them worse and could even lead to scarring.


4.Look for makeup that’s water-based rather than oil-based and has descriptions like “non-comedogenic” or “non-acnegenic” on the label, meaning they won’t clog your pores or cause spots. Ad we know pregnancy make you tired, but try and cleanse before you go to bed!


5.Always check with your GP or midwife before using any over-the-counter or prescription products for acne. Some of the ingredients aren’t safe during pregnancy.


6.Pregnancy should be a time of joy, but we know that it also comes with its share of worry. Don’t let that worry show on your gorgeous face. Deep breaths that you feel down in your tummy give your entire body a pick-me-up by offering more oxygen to each and every cell. This relaxation technique also promotes fit, firm skin because this oxygen gets to the cells in your skin, too.



Did you suffer from spots when you were pregnant? What are you top tips?

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