Trick or Treat

A beginners guide to Halloween


Halloween is the weirdest and best holiday EVER!  You get to dress up in totally ridiculous escapism costumes and you get to ring doorbells of strangers and they will give you candy.  That combines fashion, socialising and sugar: three of my favourite things! Trust me, you need to start celebrating it this year, because whether your baby is in your tummy or still only tiny, one day it is going to be their favourite too.


So, the basics… Go out and buy oodles of your favourite treats. No sense in buying Snickers if you hate them – buy your favourites as this is a definite holiday of ‘one for me two for the trick or treaters’.  Fill a big bowl full of temptation. Depending on how many days prior to October 31st you accomplish this first task, you may well need to replenish the treats.


Next buy a pumpkin and  a pumpkin carving set (this may seem like an indulgence but it isn’t – it is very, very useful and will be used countless times at the Halloweens to come. Carve your pumpkin, drag the daddy into the scheme or do it with just you and baby (be they in or be they out).  Trust me, as the years progress pumpkin carving gets competitive so you might as well start practising… On the evening of the 31st, put your pumpkin somewhere where it can be seen from the street and pop a candle in it. This signals to the hoards of marauding trick or treaters that you are in the game.


Dress up. Come on – we know you think it is only for the kids, but if your gonna do it, do it right. You will become famous (we still talk about one guy from three years ago that had this whole ‘I am a cat’  installation art piece!) and you will have a laugh.


And a great idea if you are pregnant – how about paint your tummy like a pumpkin? There are very limited opportunities in your life when your tummy is big and round and cute painted as a pumpkin.  f your baby is in your arms dress them up too – sooooooooo cute and a brilliant photo opportunity. Go for a little stroll around the neighbourhood really early before the scary kids come out – ringing doorbells is a more advanced move and best saved for kids of 18 months or older.


Once you are at home, light your pumpkin candle and wait for the doorbell to ring – enjoy the costumes and all the sweet little kids, have sweet chats and pass out delicious sweets and eat delicious sweets… and generally enjoy the sweet chaos. Blow out the light on your pumpkin when you are out of candy, or when it is after 8pm as the kids are not so cute after 8pm. If the doorbell still continues to ring turn out all the lights and pretend you are no longer home…


Happy Halloween!

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