Time-saving tips for new mamas

You might find your routine has got a bit less ‘streamlined’ now that there’s an extra little person to think about… But order can be restored – and it’s not just good for you, it’s good for your baby too. Check out our top five tips for getting organised…


A clean sweep

Your house doesn’t need to be unrealistically immaculate, but tidiness will make your day go more smoothly. Have a big de-clutter of your home when you go on maternity leave, but before your baby arrives. Once everything has a place to go your tidying will be so much more efficient – and quicker.


What a beauty

Squeezing in some ‘you time’ at the weekend can mean you step out the door looking – and feeling – a lot better groomed during the week. Try Shellac nails which last a couple of weeks, invest in a monthly eyelash tint instead of mascara and ditch the bleach in favour of a natural hair shade that needs fewer root touch-ups.


Keep in touch

Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter can help you to stay in touch with everyone in the busy time after your baby arrives. But remember, not everyone is internet-savvy so upload photos and order cheap multiple prints, then keep a stack of notelets handy to post off snaps to aunties and grandmas once a month.


Take it or leave it

You might find now you have a baby it’s easy to forget things when you go out. Going back to get things is such a chore, so have your changing bag kept in the same place all the time, and tell your partner not to move it. A good tip is to keep a simple list of what you need in the bag itself.


Dress it up

Spending a couple of hours one weekend having a sort-out of all your clothes can make a real difference to your daily routine – another great one to do while you’re waiting for baby to arrive. Try hanging your accessories on the hanger of the item you want to wear them with: it will save having to think at all when you’ve been up all night with a colicky baby.

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