This Song is For You

This Song is for You


In each of my pregnancies I had a song that was a constant refrain throughout the nine months.  They were different songs, both equally obscure…but they came to me and found their way to my vocal chords more and more frequently as I rub, rub, rubbed my growing tummy like a genies lamp (it worked as all my wishes did come true!).  Like a lullaby to my baby the song comforted us as the weeks passed.


And when each one was born, at times of need the song would find it’s way to my vocal chords again and when I would sing it, my child’s mood would give way to a peace so profound that I had no doubt the song was familiar and comforting.  It must sound very different as it wafts from the outside world to the womb, but the rhythm and the long notes must be similar.


So I would really encourage you to find your pregnancy song, and sing it strong and constant as the message will get through.  The sheer pleasure of communicating your love and excitement to your unborn baby is reason enough, but it is more than that.  It is like a portal back to a lovely place and time.  And to this day, 11 and 14 years later when I sing each his song, his mood changes noticeably.

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