Things your girlfriends never tell you…

And we’re not talking about how ‘sore’ giving birth is, because everyone tells you that. We’re talking about the reality of being a mum. So, let’s get real with our top three home truths…

You will either love being pregnant or you will hate it
And the fact is, it will probably be the opposite to the one you expected. Because Mother Nature likes to surprise us, doesn’t she? So, if you couldn’t wait to feel a baby growing inside you, and planned to blossom and bloom – you’ll feel like you have an alien in your abdomen, your hair will be lank and you’ll break out in hormonal spots for the whole nine months. And if you thought that being pregnant might feel a bit, well, icky – then wow, you’ll turn into one of those maternity wear models that the rest of us are all envious of. You lucky thing…

You will wonder how people ever get out of the house in the first six weeks
When you’re pregnant, you see mums out with their new babies and think, how nice: that will be me soon. Until, that is, you have a newborn, and you attempt your first trip to the shops. It will be chaos: you won’t know what to take, and once you’ve decided, your baby will want a feed. When you’ve done that, you’ll be heading for the door and there will be a nappy explosion. Then, when clean clothes are on, your baby will be sick. On both of you. Finally, two and a half hours later than scheduled, you give up, get back into your pyjamas and save it for another day. It’s fine. It’s normal. We all did it. And when you do finally make it out of the door, you’ll feel really proud of yourself – and so you should.

You will love your baby so much it hurts (but it might not happen straight away)
When your baby is handed to you for the first time, don’t worry if you don’t feel that rush of love. It will come. For now, you might just feel relief. Or think “Oh my goodness, it’s a baby!”. Or wonder why it looks like your Uncle David, especially when it’s a girl. You might feel too tired to even feel any emotion at all. But later that day, or in a week, or even a month, your baby will do something small, like gaze into your eyes, or smile, or just hold your finger – and you will feel that wonderful stirring in your tummy. It’s not post-natal indigestion. It’s love. The biggest, fiercest love you’ll ever feel, and a love that will last a lifetime. Don’t take Gaviscon – revel in it. This is just the start.

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  1. Sara Cook says:

    So true…took me back. Wish I had read this at the time…would have helped me realise I wasn’t completely insane and incompetent.

  2. Mama Mio Mama Mio says:

    Hi Sara, amazing how many people feel the same. xxx

  3. Shona Brodie says:

    I am so glad I’m not the only one thinking that I was going to love being pregnant and couldn’t wait, only to find that it’s not exactly what I though. Where is that ‘pregnancy glow’ everyone was raving about! Looking forward to seeing if these other bits of insight are true in the coming months. Thanks for the warning!

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