Things to do before the big day…

If you’re due date is looming, you’re probably already aware that quite soon, there will certain things that you won’t be able to do again for quite a while… So instead of watching box sets of Mad Men and eating chocolate buttons, why not write a list of the things you plan to do pre-baby? Here are some ideas…


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Once your little one arrives all you’ll be reading is the instructions that came with the breast pump. Make the most of your time now with one of those blockbuster chick-lit novels that you can blame your hormones for sobbing over. You can stay up late or lie in at the weekends to finish it – enjoy the luxury while you can!



Get out

Take a trip now while you can focus on the experience rather than what you did with the changing bag. It doesn’t need to be anything exotic – just think about the places that you wouldn’t want to take a young child, for example a quiet museum or a noisy concert.



Live and learn

If it’s always bugged you that you didn’t know how to do something, why not learn now? Driving lessons, DIY, knitting… or start planning out steps you’d need to take to go self-employed or start your own business. Use the time now to put ideas down on paper and you can look at them again when you’re thinking about working post-




Get cooking

There won’t be time for any Masterchef creations when you’ve got a newborn baby. So why not prepare your taste buds for six months of pasta by cooking up some gourmet delights while you can? Get the recipe books out and treat yourself and your bump to some delicious grub.



Phone a friend

You won’t see as much of your girlfriends in the first six months. And when you do, your conversations will be interrupted constantly, so stock up on chat now, even if it’s only on the phone rather than face to face.



The write stuff

Write a diary of how you feel. Looking down at your puffy feet you might not believe it now – but you will be nostalgic for your pregnancy, and treasure the memories. And when they’re old enough to understand now, your little ones will love to hear about being in your tummy.



What did you do – or wish you’d done – when you were pregnant?

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