The game of the baby name

Did you, like us lot here at Mama Mio, grow up with a definite list of names you were going to call your offspring – only to discover when you got pregnant that your other half wasn’t really ‘on board’ with any of your ideas?


Not surprising really, considering they ranged between your favourite Disney characters (who really wants to shout Pocahontas across the playpark?), the name of the boy that broke your heart at school (Rodney has now gone out of fashion a bit) and someone from the Twilight saga (Renesmee is probably a little ‘niche’, unless you have very pale skin).


The irony is that after all your hard (unappreciated) work putting a list of forty options together for the name of your precious, unborn child, your other half has arrived at this point without a single, solitary idea. Except a strong conviction that if it’s a boy, it should not be called Eustace. Something to do with an uncle of his. Not that helpful.


And so the task begins, of trying to at least assemble a shortlist – or two shortlists if you don’t know the sex of your baby. It’s not an easy task. And if you weren’t pregnant, it would probably require wine. Our advice is to create two shortlists each (without consultation) of ten boys and ten girls names. Then sit down and see how many names are on both your shortlists. Or should we say, pray that at least one name is on both your lists…


If there is just one name on both your lists well, it might not be Pocahontas, but it’s safe, so that’s the one. If there are several, then let the deliberation begin. Try them with your surname. Check the initials don’t spell anything embarrassing. Practise saying them lovingly and then yelling them at the top of your voice, as you’ll be doing that a fair amount too. Then decide – before you go into labour: you will have enough to think about then. And whatever you choose, remember, it is a word you will end up loving more than any in the world. Make it special.

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