My motherhood by Rebecca Maberly

The Doctor and Daughter’s guide to pregnancy.


Anyone who knows me well will understand that being asked to write about “Motherhood” would prove to be a daunting task.  I am usually brutally honest about everything, and I was apprehensive that my honesty, combined with a slight selfish streak, and a dearth of natural maternalism might result in a depressing critique that would act as contraception to any childless woman who was unfortunate enough to read it!


Perhaps the request came through at a bad time, after yet another night of broken sleep, as I was putting on the 4th load of washing, picking the dried puke out of my hair, scrubbing the poo off the jumperoo, telling a tantruming Wilf he could not wear his goggles and dressing gown and Daddy’s flip flops to the park, with Gus in the sling on my chest whilst I sterilised his bottles because he screams the house down everytime I put him down!  Or perhaps it was my own fault?  Maybe I drank one too many glasses of wine the night before, perhaps I put too much pressure on myself and my children to find a free moment to update my website and reply to some emails, perhaps I was stressing myself out trying to fit too much into one day – Rhyme Time at 9, coffee with friend at 10, back for lunch at 12, swimming at 2, and tea with friends at 4 and back home for supper at 5 –  the eternal quest of trying to combine being a good mother with keeping sane and maintaining an iota of a social life.


Regardless of all those bad moments, when my two incredible boys look up at me with their big, beautiful, blue eyes, my heart melts.  When I take a moment to stop what I am doing and look at them both and remember that I made them, I gave birth to them, I have raised them, and I will always be their mother, my heart skips a beat and I remind myself how lucky I am to have them both in my life.


Nothing can compare to the awe of giving birth to a tiny human and watching them grow and learn everyday and knowing “I did that!”  Nothing compares to the sound of Wilf telling me “I love you mummy”, or the look of love Gus gives me when I walk into the room.  Nothing smells better than their little heads when they are in my arms, even if they are smeared in sick and bogies.  Nothing is more rewarding than seeing how they both become more and more interesting every day.  It is impossible to describe the pride I feel listening to Wilf count to ten and sing “Old Macdonald” for the thousandth time that day.  Nothing is more fascinating to me than Gus trying to learn to sit up and screeching in delight when his big brother kisses him.


Yes, there are days when I wince with envy at the thought of friends at their desks in the city, with their child-free thoughts, adult conversation, uninterrupted cups of coffee and their ability to go for the now hallowed “After Work Drinks”.  But I would not change my new job for the world.  I love my boys unconditionally and I count myself lucky to have become their mother and to be learning everyday about Motherhood.



Rebecca  lives with her children Wilfred, 2, and Augustus, 5 months. She is the creator of The Doctor and Daughter’s Guide to Pregnancy.

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  1. Beautiful, and very very true. You are a wonderful Mummy and your boys are very lucky to have you :) I look forward to our After Bedtime Drinks very soon :) xxx

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