The Birth Day

Today my son turned 12.


And every year on my son’s birthdays,  I set aside some time, both with them and later when they are asleep without them, to allow my mind to roll back to the day he was born.


I remember the lead up to the day, the combination of overwhelming fear and overwhelming excitement.  The long unfolding of the actual day.  I try to remember the funny things that happened, the little comments that made me smile.  The actual delivery and finally what I felt when I first held them in my arms.


And every single time I cry…and every single time they give me a huge hug and chuckle at what a sap I am. And every single time it is a beautiful moment shared.


Of course this day is their birthday and all the focus is on them and on that celebration.


But it is also my Birth Day… and that is worth a moment amongst the madness.

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