The Beauty of Sleep

As I sit here absolutely comatose with jet lag – I am filled with vivid memories of the months after giving birth and the feeling of such immense exhaustion that another step felt almost impossible.


Prior to having children, my habit was 8-9 hours a night.  I have always been a prolific sleeper, a champion sleeper.  And my babies put a serious dent in my sleep routine!


And this, in turn, put a serious dent in my capacity to deal with all the challenges that new motherhood presented.  Finally I capitulated and heeded the advice that had been offered by wiser souls than I.  And, if you, like I, are a real needer of sleep then I will pass that advice on to you –


Sleep When Your Baby Sleeps.


It really is that simple – when baby naps, you nap. When baby goes to bed, you go to bed.  Don’t stomp your feet, don’t drag your heels, just go to sleep.  And life will be that much smoother and happier for you and all those around you.


Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz x

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