The Art of Saying Thank You

I am a big believer in verbalising the nice thoughts that meander through my mind.  So I often compliment people as I trundle through my days.  Could be someone I know, could be someone I don’t.  I just sort of figure that it is free, easy and often makes the recipient feel happy.


What interests me is how bad people are at receiving compliments.  More often than not, they disagree with you. For instance:


‘You have lovely hair’

‘Oh God, it looks a total mess today’



‘That dress looks great on you’

‘What, this old thing makes me look fat as a house’



‘Love your coat’

‘Really? I hate it – it’s so old’



The only thing that always gets compliance is when you compliment someone’s shoes – this always receives an oooh yeah, I love them too. Funny right?


Why don’t we just say thank you?  If someone has gone out on a limb to give you a compliment, isn’t it a little gift of sorts? And if someone gives you a little gift isn’t the

polite thing to do – to accept it with thanks?


And the time it is most appropriate is when someone says your child is lovely. But 9 times out of 10 the response is something along the lines of:


‘He may look like an angel now but believe me he is trouble’

‘Yes she is on best behaviour right now but sometimes….’


Does that really need to be said?   Because we are all a wonderful mixture of angel and nightmare at any age, but that doesn’t need to be pointed out.  And if your child’s ‘angel’ has been noticed – smile, enjoy and say thank you.

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