The art of being still

There is a tiny, tiny window in the first half of January where our thoughts are focused on what we want from the year and enjoying a little big picture pondering.  This is a rare opportunity that usually does not come again until your August Holiday.  So grab it and hang on to it and make good use of it.  What it represents is a small shard of quiet time.


At this moment of maternal absorbtion, whether your baby is inside or outside of your tummy, life for you is changing faster than at almost any point in your life.  It can make your head spin – all the changes physical, mental, emotional  - your life is in the process of a revolution.


In the midst of all this madness, is the perfect time to start to develop a daily moment of stillness in yourself which doesn’t focus on diaries or petty annoyance.  This is a moment to quiet your mind, still your body and just be.


There is one very easy place to add this to your day… first thing in the morning.  Before you have gotten out of bed, maybe even before you have opened your eyes- definitely before you have checked your phone.  The moment before you actually connect with the outside world and you are still very connected to your dreamy world.  Just lay there for a few minutes (start with one and move on to two and so on), rub your tummy a bit, smile quietly and try to just to let your mind float in the air like a balloon without landing on any of the thoughts pulling at your strings for attention.   Perhaps it will help you to repeat a word over and over again – for me the word is Thank You and I roll it around my mind quietly again and again to keep the nagging at bay. Maybe end your moment by feeling appreciative for all the wonderful things in your life.  Maybe end your moment by stating to yourself what you want to feel that day (Happy, patient, loving, strong…) but please be sure to say it in a nice way to yourself .  This is not a time to tell yourself off.


And then get up slowly and start your day trying to hold on to feeling.  Perhaps a little calmer than usual, a little more centered.


I spent a lot of time thinking about what is the absolute basic seed you can plant in order to grow a beautiful garden of happiness, fulfilment and confidence.  And I believe it might just be the capacity to be still with yourself for as long as you can be as often as you can be.


If you continue this pattern over the course of a month you will be amazed at the difference you feel in yourself.  And this seems to me to be a quiet but powerful way to start 2014.


A small shard of quiet time.

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