Spiritual Living by Alice Grist

By Alice Grist


Being a Mama is for me the most soulful and spiritual experience this world has to offer. Not only do you occupy godlike status in the eyes of your little children (though perhaps not the big ones), but you also have experienced the gift of giving, influencing and raising new life. Though of course Mamahood certainly doesn’t feel spiritual most days. A usual week may feel biological, yes, mental, certainly (in more ways than one), emotional, doubtless, but spiritual…. Hmmm maybe, maybe not.


It’s my belief that all things are spiritual and that includes the crazy, the chaos, the ups and downs, biological, physical and psychological too. In this mix and mess of being human, I believe that there is, inherently something a little more. Something that some describe as spirit, others as soul, others as ‘something else.


As Mama’s we may not give much thought to that ‘something else’ beyond our own whirlwind lives, not unless we are forced to. Yet how many times have you uttered the deeply meaningful phrase, ‘it happened for a reason’, or ‘it was meant to be’. When we say these things are we not tapping in to something a little otherworldly, a little magic?


I’m a firm believer in all life being spiritual. As a new Mama myself that belief has shored me up many times. I believe too that to embrace that spirituality, we need not do anything. We are spirit, we don’t need a degree in Religion or a passport stamp to India to take us closer to our soul. Spiritual living is simply what we do, just by existing, because we are little sparks of soul, wrapped up in human ribbons, here for a bumpy, joyous, chaotic ride! The only difference between you and the Dalai Lama is that he is infinitely aware of his spiritual side. You can choose to be aware too. Just reading this may be the start you need.


Spiritual living, like living in general, is not always easy. But the happiness you can unveil through conscious spiritual living is not a happiness of hysteria, drunkenness or momentary joy. It is a calm, inner peace, it is a chilled out version of joy, full of ego-less introspection, wisdom and trust. When you get used to it, living spirituality is like coming home.


Living spiritually has become second nature to me. So much so that I can relax into life without a crazy search for external enlightenment causing any anxiety. I don’t worry about being spiritual anymore, because that’s not the point! These days I am not so much an enlightenment seeker as I am a Woman who lives with a spiritual heart. I take my spiritual lessons with my coffee and porridge oats and my mistakes too. I get on with my life, my day and my confusing choice of outfits for a Friday night out. I get down and dirty when life calls for it, I laugh at inappropriate things, I don’t eat raw and whilst I aim to be vegan, I often fall foul of pizza. I am far from perfect. Sometimes I swear. Sometimes I lose my temper. And that, my lovelies is fine with me. Because spirituality does not mean we should be perfect. For if we were perfect, there would not be a lot left to learn now would there?


So I enjoy my spirituality, it informs everything I do, but to look at me I’m just a Mama who is living, learning, messing up, forgiving myself, moving on, living some more. And that is the secret we must learn. We are not here to float off into the ether quite yet. We are here to be real. There is a reason our spirituality is not obvious and apparent. We are here to get chaotic, and from within that chaos, (and that bliss), we will uncover our own spirit, like great adventurers within our own skin.


Spirituality is not the preserve of well-worn travelers, gurus or mystics. It is all of ours, no matter how imperfect we may be, no matter how busy we are or how crazy things get. It is an inner place and it is a state of mind. Spirituality is a gift and it is your choice to unwrap it, acknowledge it and make good use.  Spirituality is with you every second of the day and how you choose to embrace that is always right, always personal and always yours.


Alice Grist lives with her daughter Ivy, two cats and her husband musician James and is also the clever creator/author of new book Dear Poppyseed, A Soulful Momma’s Pregnancy Journal, and The High Heeled Guide to Enlightenment and The High Heeled Guide to Spiritual Living.

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