So you’ve got stretch marks…

You can help protect against stretch marks in pregnancy – and we know or thing or two about that – but if you do get them, then what? Well, try not to worry too much – you got a lovely baby out of it! Then follow our five steps to help minimise them…


Act quickly

The newer the stretch mark, the better the result. We recommend treating stretch marks the moment you realise you have them. If you develop stretch marks during pregnancy, don’t leave it to late to do something about them!



Say Goodbye Stretch Marks

This powerful blend of peptides, fruit and algae extracts and nourishing oils minimises the appearance of new and old stretch marks caused by pregnancy and weight fluctuations. Goodbye Stretch Marks  is so effective because it helps heal skin on the surface and also below, at the dermal tissue level.



Slow and steady weight loss

Gaining weight at a slow, steady rate in pregnancy is a good way to prevent stretch marks in the first place. So it stands to reason that the way you lose weight now that baby has arrived can make a difference to how your skin recovers. Dropping too many pounds too quickly decreases your skin’s chances of bouncing back beautiful – and then you might be left with skin that just doesn’t fit.



Choose targeted exercise

Since exercise boosts circulation, targeting areas with stretch marks can help skin look smoother and healthier. And when you firm up the muscles, you can help make depressed stretch marks get more in line with surrounding skin. Pick exercises for the chest, hips and thighs, which are probably the areas you’re most concerned about.



Stay out of the sun

One thing that can actually make stretch marks look worse is the sun, so if you’re not going to cover up, be sure to apply sunscreen before heading outside. Older, silver-y stretch marks won’t get tan like the rest of your skin, so they’ll actually be more apparent after unprotected sun exposure. But guess what? Self-tanners DO change the colour of stretch marks, so if you want to even things out a faux glow is the way to go!


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