So, you’re having a baby shower…

If you’re thinking of hosting a baby shower – for yourself or a pregnant friend – remember, this is not a normal party. But if a Princess can do it, then so can you. Check out Mama Mio’s tips…



Usually, it’s a best friend or sister that hosts the baby shower. It’s like another excuse for a hen party… but with adorable presents rather than pink fairy wings and banana splits shaped like…oh, you know. Invite anyone that you know is close to the mum-to-be – but be warned. If your friend or sister is organising your baby shower, make it clear if you don’t want someone from your office there, even though she keeps ‘liking’ your pregnancy-related statuses on Facebook… Don’t forget mother and mother-in-law – they will want to feel included even if they politely decline.



So, you know who’s coming – now what kind of party is it going to be? Afternoon tea is a popular theme (so the focus is on cake rather than alcohol). Or choose a spa day – just make sure the place you have in mind has plenty or treatments suitable for pregnant women (like Mama Mio treatments!). If the budget is tight – a simple get-together at someone’s house is fine. It’s the thought that counts.



The last few weeks of pregnancy are ideal. Apart from superstitious reasons, you’ll want to have a big bump for the photos. Don’t leave it too late though, as a particularly nice gift could cause contractions to start. And length-wise, two hours is probably long enough. Nobody in the last few weeks of pregnancy wants to do anything for longer than that – apart from put their feet up…



For the presents, of course! A list with a baby store is also a great way to make sure there’s a range of different price gifts and so that you don’t get duplicate items. But if you’re worried it will look greedy just leave it up to guests. Just always make sure they have a little something to go home with, like a party favour, as a thank you.


Did you have a baby shower? Tell us your tips in the comments below!

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