Put on a brave face

Lack of sleep, hormones, dehydration from breastfeeding – let’s face it, the odds are against you on the beauty front when you have a newborn. Here are Mama Mio’s top tips for making yourself look – and more importantly feel – a little better in those tricky first few weeks.


A wakeup call

Even if you’ve had about 40 minutes sleep, draw a line in the sand and call it a new day by having a shower using something zesty like our citrus-scented Omega Shower Cream. And wash your hair while you’re at it: it’ll wake you up as much as a coffee.


A good soak

Kind people will give you bath products as well as things for your baby. Don’t just think “Huh, as if I have time for such things”. Stick the little one in a bouncy chair, get granny round, whatever it takes – it will make you feel better to have a soak in the tub – and it might ease any soreness around your… well, you know.


It’s not too late…

…to save your belly. While it’s shrinking back into shape is a great time to help it along with lovely lotions. So keep on with the stretch mark creams – our Tummy Rub comes as an oil or a butter so you can use which ever suits you best: keep rubbing for at least four months after baby has arrived on the scene.


Behind the mask

Lack of sleep, hospital food, dehydration – none of these are going to give you the glowing complexion of a 22-year-old. Thankfully, a good facemask can, albeit temporarily. Pop one on while you’re soaking in the tub and you’ll be able to go to the shops without people thinking you’re on your way to a Halloween party.


Say cheese

A bit of makeup, even if you can’t be bothered, will do wonders for how you’re feeling – and a happy mum means a happy baby. So blend a little creamy blusher into your cheeks, smooth on some lip balm and add a slick of natural mascara to your eyelashes. Then, when all and sundry are traipsing into your house with babygros and casseroles, you can smile into their camera knowing that you may not be able to sit on anything comfortably except a rubber ring, but you look fabulous…

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