Pregnant? Exhausted? Help is at hand…

If you’ve got a bun in the oven, you might be feeling a little… yawn… worn out. At the start of pregnancy, it’s all about hormones and the hard work your body is doing creating a new person. And towards the end, it’s the strain of carrying about a baby 24 hours a day! Whichever end of pregnancy you’re at, here are our top tips for staying energised for the whole nine months…



Eat up

If you’re pregnant, your iron levels might be low, which can leave you feeling worn out. You might be prescribed iron tablets, but watch what you eat anyway, picking iron-rich foods such as leafy green vegetables, red meat, eggs, sardines and beans. Find extra energy in fibre-rich foods like oats, wholegrain cereals, and brown bread and rice, which will give a slow and constant release of energy, instead of that ‘rush’ (followed by slump!) you get from sugary snacks.



And the rest

Look after yourself and establish a bedtime routine (good practice for when you have your baby!). And don’t take too much on – skip the overtime and volunteering and ask if you can work from home to avoid travel. Trim your social calendar, too – they’ll be plenty of time to go partying again once baby is a bit older.



Know your boosters

If you’re worn out, it can be tempting to reach for a cup of coffee. But too much caffeine can be bad for you and your baby, so don’t have more than 300mg a day. Instead, try herbal teas, fruit and vegetable smoothies. Fresh or frozen berries are delicious whizzed up with almond milk and a touch of honey. Add a banana to get a thicker shake. Delicious!



Get a move on

Yes, we know, the sofa looks inviting. But just the right amount of exercise can actually be more energising than putting your feet up. So put your trainers on and head out for a brisk walk: you’ll feel perkier thanks to those mood-boosting hormones, endorphins, and you’ll sleep better too. Make sure you don’t overdo it though – the aim is to feel energised not exhausted!



Get hands on

Pregnancy can be physically and psychologically stressful and exhausting. There is no other time in a woman’s life when she more deserves to be pampered than when she is pregnant. Our advice? Enjoy wonderfully safe, nurturing, muscle-easing, leg-lightening, skin-elasticising pregnancy spa treatments at your favourite spa.



How do you combat pregnancy tiredness? Remember, if your fatigue is severe, persistent, or lasts throughout your entire pregnancy, talk to your midwife or GP.

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