Pregnant at Christmas – Part 2

Being pregnant at Christmas: you’ll either love it or you’ll hate it. Last week, we were hating it – this week… we’re loving it. Tell us which camp you’re in in the comments below!


If you’re going to be pregnant this Christmas, we’re very, very excited for you. Because what could be more magical on a day like the 25th December to be up to something magical yourself? Christmas is a time of families and knowing you’ve got a little one on the way just adds to that feeling of togetherness.


You’ve also got a great excuse not to drink. Lets face it, nobody really wants a Bucks Fizz at 10am or indeed any other of the weird drinks people save for Christmas. Advocat: hasn’t that got egg in it? Sherry: it would be fine in it hadn’t got a ‘Use by’ date of 1989. Plus, as you’ll be the designated driver – you can decide when to leave…


You’ll be pooped of course – but who cares? Because you’ve got a bump nobody will ask you to do anything except put your feet up, and if you’ve got older children they’ll be busy playing with the other kids or relatives. It’s like free childcare!


And you don’t need to dress up either, because nobody really believes that party maternity clothes exist. So kick back in your baggy trackpants and save the heels until next December – isn’t it nice to have a year off bunions?


While you’re kicking back with your trackpants on and all that free childcare, don’t forget to get really stuck into all the festive food. You might need to give some of the cheese, seafood or pate a wide berth, but there’s plenty more to enjoy. And you won’t need to change into an elasticated waist – because you’ll already be wearing one!


Did you enjoy Christmas when you were pregnant? Tell us yes or no in the comments below!

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