Pregnant at Christmas – Part 1

Being pregnant at Christmas: you’ll either love it or you’ll hate it. This week… we’re hating it. Next week, come back and find out the good news!


If you’re going to be pregnant this Christmas, be warned – it’s just about the least festive you are ever going to feel. First up, when you’ve been awake since 6am because you had indigestion, Christmas Day is going to seem like a long day. A very, very long day.


Then there’s the whole not drinking thing. Until you can’t have it, you don’t realise how much alcohol you need to enjoy Trivial Pursuit. Watching your entire family struggling to decide the answer to ‘What animal has the longest lifespan in captivity?’ is not even faintly entertaining when all you have in front of you is an Elderflower Cordial.


There’s also the tiredness. It’s not the same as dozing off for half an hour after lunch just to digest your turkey – everyone does that. No, this is the kind of fatigue that even coffee, (were you allowed to drink it in any quantity) could not solve. It is no fun whatsoever.


Then there are the clothes. The awful, un-festive clothes. While everyone else is wearing sparkly sandals and sequinned tops, you’re the one in support pants, your husband’s hoodie and a pair of Birkenstocks you’ve had to let out two notches. With socks.


Don’t go thinking that it’s OK, because at least you can eat. Because all the yummy stuff, like seafood canapés, pâté and runny Brie… it’s all off limits.  And let’s not forget the hormones. Sobbing every time someone gives you a present is just plain embarrassing.


Ah well, at least nobody can call you a party-pooper when you head off to bed at 8.30pm…



Did you enjoy Christmas when you were pregnant? Tell us yes or no in the comments below!

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