Pregnancy Yoga Rocks!

Have you been doing Yoga during your pregnancy? It is amazing, here are a few reasons why…


1.You will become stronger – yes it is a lot of laying around and stretching but in the midst of all of that you will build strength.  Isn’t that cool?


2.Relieves tension in neck shoulders and lower back – and anywhere else you are feeling tense.  Like a kind of a massage you can give yourself…All that stretching is wonderful for getting rid of stress.


3.Calms the nervous system – you do a lot of deep breathing in yoga and which takes your nervous system into parasympathetic mode.  When our bodies are in this mode we digest better, sleep better and our immune system functions at it’s best.  Just from deep breathing – amazing.


4.Gives you time to connect with your baby.  Your baby will feel you relaxing and relax too – and you both can hang out together in a relaxed state.  I felt my first kick at the end of a yoga class.  It felt like pure joy.


5.Gives you a chance to connect with yourself.  Silence, stretching, breathing this is all wonderful ways to slow down and feel how you are really feeling.  Life is fast – enjoy the chance to be slow.


6.Prepares you for labour.  Being flexible, being strong, breathing deeply…all this is so helpful during labour.  It is also hugely important to be relaxed and happy in yourself going in to labour so it really is all good.


7.You will meet lots of other pregnant women.  Ususally after a class you sit and drink tea and eat biscuits (another perk) and talk about pregnancy with other big bellied lovely women.  It is a great feeling.


Yoga is just as helpful once your baby is in your arms for many of the same reasons.  In fact yoga is good throughout your life for many of the same reasons.  But Pregnancy Yoga is special, and if it appeals to you even just a little bit I really recommend giving it a try.



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