Please don’t look me in the Eye

One of the major perks of pregnancy is great boobs. Big, bountiful, lust inducing boobs.  This was such a total oddity for me – as I have always been flat as a pancake and happy with my meagre bosom.  And so I played around with the reactions – I really dressed to my new amazing bosom.  Not horrible or slutty – just ‘elegantly’ low cut with boobs on show.  I figured they were my best feature – as my waist disappeared, and then my ankles, and finally my chin I became really attached to my boobs.


In my second pregnancy, I was happy to play the double D game again.  It was fun to have my pregnancy perks back again.  But when I appreciated it most was when, at 5 months pregnant, I broke my nose.  Properly – two black eyes and a big slab of tape across my nose.  The first day out, two people asked me if it was safe to have a nose job when you’re pregnant!  So embarrassing… and that night I had to go to a party and I was dreading it.  So I dug out a dress from another era of my life, clearly a more bustastic era, and only two people commented on my busted nose.  The rest were sort of mesmerised by my immense bosom.


Isn’t it funny, how the world responds to a pair of boobs – I mean, really what is the big deal?  But at that party that night with my broken nose and dented self confidence, it was one of the only times in my life when very few men would look me in the eyes I really appreciated the epic effect of great boobs.


And after two kids, a lot of years and a lot of gravity – I am so glad I enjoyed that little window of time when my bust could draw an admiring gaze or two.  So the point is, enjoy them while you have them…because those great boobs are only temporary!

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