New year… new baby… new confidence!

Have you started the new year with a new baby? It’s a challenging time – so the odd worry is par for the course. Try and remember that each obstacle you overcome allows you to add to your pot of experience which will make you better at coping next time. Here are our top five new mum worries – and how to overcome them.


My baby’s not chubby enough!

Your baby will be weighed a lot in the first few weeks, but rather than obsessing about ounces, concentrate on whether your baby is producing lots of wet nappies and pooing regularly. And if you’re worried about whether your baby is gaining enough weight, speak to your health visitor or midwife – that’s what they’re there for.


I’m always feeding!

If you’re breastfeeding, you might be wondering what mamas who refer to “his lunchtime feed” or “her bedtime feed” mean, because you feel like you’re feeding non-stop. Don’t worry, you can’t over-feed a breastfed baby and demand feeding is essential when you are establishing breastfeeding, even thought you can feel like you’re doing it all day!


My baby’s so grumpy!

When you get together with your friends, do their babies lie peacefully kicking on their play mats, while yours grizzles endlessly? It helps to remember that babies don’t have any other way of telling you what they want other than by crying. Be kind to yourself: the other woman’s child that is placid and calm today will more than likely be the one that’s grizzly next time you meet up.


My baby’s the quiet one!

When you’re pregnant, it’s easy to imagine your baby as a smiling bundle who is happily passed around the room for a cuddle with strangers. But babies all have their own personalities and times when they are not in the mood to be the life and soul. Keep a sense of calmness and relaxation yourself – babies can pick up on your tension and respond.


What new mama worries have you overcome?

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