My motherhood by Chet

My Motherhood took a while – 4 years to be exact.


I experienced a lot of tests, tears, and prayers and finally a round of IVF before I was able to start my parenting journey.


I now have two gorgeous girls and they are my world. The moment I laid eyes on them and held them I realised what ‘unconditional’ love finally was. For me being a mother is very much like being on a Rollercoaster ride – many ups and a fair few downs.  On a daily basis the emotions range from worrying to awe-inspiring and everything else in-between.


I see how my girls mimic me, my mannerisms, my expressions – this makes me laugh but also concerns me.  They pick up good and bad from us.  It has made me realise that if I want my daughters to grow up to be calm, loving, patient adults then I am going to have to show them how to be that person.


It’s not easy; I’m not naturally calm or patient.  It takes a lot of deep breathing and walking away from situations that make me want to shout.  However each time I look at them I feel inspired to be the best that I can be for them and for me. Each mothers parenting journey is such a personal experience that it is hard to try and put it into words.  For me I hope my girls learn as much from me as I learn from them.  I hope we continue to have fun, laugh and love throughout our journey together and that I eventually become the ‘gown-up’ I’d one day like them to be.



Chet lives with hubby Jat and her children Shivali,6, and Suri, 2. She is the creator of designer baby changing bags mamami by chet and blog mamami.

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  1. Sonia says:

    You have such beautiful girls Chet! It really isn’t easy sometimes and I’m often deep breathing and walking away! I’m sure your girls will be wonderful ‘grown ups’ just like their Mummy xx

  2. KARA says:

    Fab post Chet and so many true words spoken, being a mummy is the most amazing job in the world but also the most difficult.
    I often go scream in the laundry room to keep myself sane, but I can see the future for us as well as you. Your beautiful girls are a true credit to you x

  3. Sabina says:

    A rollercoaster is such a good description of parenting. I personally am finding parenting really hard at the moment, my children are being particularly naughty at the moment and don’t listen to me at all. I try so hard to be calm but I am tired from the late nights, night feeds and early mornings and being calm doesn’t come easy.

    I really worry about how this will affect my children’s futures, I so want them to be calm and happy.

    Sorry didn’t mean to go on about myself, I think you are amazing and your girls will be so proud of you. You are a great role model to them xx

  4. Priya Desai says:

    A lovely post Chet! You have described the subtleties of growing-up and child development that we are so often too busy to actually stop and think about; in reality it is the small things that count – our expressions, what and how we say, the love we give in the moment – this is what shapes our children. And yes, we really must be the best that we can be, so our next generation is very best that they can be, too.

  5. Carly says:

    Lovely post!

    Patience is the thing I really try hard with. I, like you, want my kids to grow up being calm, patient and loving adults and in this crazy journey that motherhood is, it is very hard sometimes. You have a gorgeous family and it is obvious you are a fantastic mummy! xx

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