My Motherhood by supermama Simone Bendix

My Motherhood – there is so much to say! Every day is an opportunity to rise to the challenge, every day is a precious gift and everyday is an opportunity to play.

Looking back on the time spent together with my kids – WOW it has never been wasted!  Could I have or would I have done some things differently? Of course, they deserve my best and so many times I don’t get it right. But what I realize more and more is as much as they can make me feel like I want to pull my hair out and scream; they also have the most amazing ability to make me laugh.

Every evening I can think of at least one funny thing that has happened or something funny they have said.  And instead of beating myself up over my ‘wrongs’ I have come to believe they can handle it all so long as we have had at least one fun moment together during the day – something we were able to laugh about.

I have been a step mother and a mother since I was 18 years old, well over half my life.  And I have made up my mind that it HAS to be fun!  If you choose to only see how hard it is, and how life only happens when they are asleep, once they reach a certain age, etc. Well, then you are missing out on so much.  Even difficult or boring moments can have their perks.


                    Simone Bendix Simone Bendix Simone Bendix


Time is so precious- and it’s easy to look back on photos and think about how great they were at a certain age… but LIFE is NOW and with laughter and a good cuddle you can get through almost anything. I love it that my kids are able to laugh at themselves and move on, to just enjoy the mistakes.  We all get it wrong some times, mistakes are part of evolving and through laughter we are able to accept these moments a lot easier, learn and move on.

So my advice would be remember to laugh at yourself to show them how you too, are ‘human’. Laugh with them when they get it wrong, and keep your eyes peeled and your ears open for any opportunity to laugh together. It is pure magic.

Another tip is really listening to them and seeing them without being distracted, it’s the biggest gift you can give them – if you give them your undivided attention, when they need it, and not just when it suits you, you end up with a lot more ‘free time’ than you bargained for.

And finally, You can never tell your kids enough times how much you love them.  Sometimes it’s hard to say, sometimes it’s hard to show, sometimes hard to find (so then you say it whilst they are asleep – it counts!).  It may be overshadowed by your own worries or distractions. But everyday work hard to put that all to one side – Its good to say it and even better to show it.


                    Simone Bendix Simone Bendix Simone Bendix


Having children is a choice; it’s a privilege and a responsibility, but it’s also an amazing opportunity for playing and learning.  I had no idea how to do be a mother before I had my stepson – and it’s impossible to be perfect but it is always possible to improve and change your ideas on how to bring them up. And the great thing about throwing yourself into the mothering game is that when you are engaged playing you let go of your defenses and you open up to LIFE.

It is such an amazing journey.  We can really make a huge difference to who and how we want them to be, and furthermore who we become whilst doing it.

Simone Bendix lives in Paris with Pablo and Polly.


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