My Motherhood by Supermama Rhonda Alexander-Abt

My Motherhood is the privilege of having three people in this world for whom I feel total joy for every one of their achievements – big or small.  Motherhood for me is the privilege of being there unconditionally for three people in this world through good and bad and for whom I would give anything.  Motherhood to me is the honour of being loved by my children and having the opportunity in this life to have created the most special of relationships with three unique and wonderful people who I love unreservedly.


Rhonda Alexander-Abt lives in London with Tyler, James and Zachary.

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  1. Our reason for mama mio musings is to inform, intrigue and amuse. If by chance we offend we apologise, but please know our intentions are good. As with all good conversations it is an exchange. We look forward to chatting with you. Tanya x

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