My motherhood by Laura Turner

Moments of control to moments of utter chaos – pretty much sum up the past five years for me. As a mother of two girls, with a 17-month age gap between them, it’s been busy. And, if I’m brutally honest not always that much fun. I had a difficult (albeit natural) birth with my first born but with family close at hand I think it made the transition to motherhood a little easier. I seemed to be taking it all in my stride and ran a fairly tight schedule with routine feeding and sleeping…perhaps a little too much sometimes. Daughter No.2 came along and she just slotted in.


Fast forward three years and my experiences have changed somewhat. I have been pushed to the edge. Constant demands, meltdowns, spoilt-brattish behaviour and the attitude of pubescent teenagers sometimes. It is one of the hardest, most challenging experiences of my life. It can feel like all control has diminished and I am at the mercy of my children. My mind is constantly working out new tactics to deal with it and just when I feel like everything has sorted itself out, a new set of challenges appears.


I think what I have learned over the past 5 years is that you never really do suss it out. It’s a constant learning ground – a joy ride of highs and lows.


Laura is married to James and is mum to Chole, four and Florence, 3.  She is the creator of the website, My Pollyanna.

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