My motherhood by Joanna Jensen

It’s the love – indescribable to anyone except a mother; an ache in my heart that can’t be matched.


When I became a mama to my first girl, the light bulb moment came when I ‘got’ the meaning of life – the circle of life just made sense.


As my girls grow, so develops our friendship and as their personalities pop out, I see little bits of me reflected in these miniature people, which just makes me marvel at the magic of nature.


Memories of my own childhood also come flooding back – such as watching Black Beauty with my sister; she and I both wanted to be Vicky Gordon, and now so do my girls. It’s a chance to remember, recapture and revisit childhood… and to be a little girl again, to play netball, to scream for ice cream and watch endless cartoons!


Often dog-tired, I don’t begrudge a moment of it. We are joined by an invisible thread that binds us together, and even when it is stretched through the distance of separation, they are always in my mind and my heart.


I treasure the now, because they grow and change so quickly, enjoying every twist and turn of their humour, cheekiness, upsets and stories. My children are a joy and a trial, yet always loved and adored.


Motherhood is my finest, happiest and most fulfilling achievement.



Joanna is mama to Mimi, seven and Bella, five and is the founder of Childs Farm children’s toiletries.

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