My motherhood by Jo Gifford

Ahh, motherhood. From the early months of persistent and violent sickness and weeble-like waddling  to my robust and beautiful little ladies getting set for school, this roller coaster ride shows no signs of abating.


My amazing twins, Eva and Mia, are the gifts I never thought I would see. Living with endometriosis since the age of 19 I had always been told that children would not feature in my future. Thank goodness those little miracles are as stubborn as their mum.


So, here we are. Being the mum of twins has meant requiring an intravenous Starbucks feed in the early days, super strong arms to carry 2 babies and push a monstrous pram, and a lot of family and friends around to help.


My theory on motherhood is that you have to be broken to be rebuilt; from the inside out I am truly a new woman. It no longer matters if I have new shoes; it’s all about the glitter and seeing the girls smile. My ladies remind me that the world of play is one we should all inhabit, and I try and take a leaf from their book to remind myself of the joy they see in everything.


My house isn’t tidy; fall over pink horses, Lego  and balloons on a daily basis. I am more tired than I have ever been in my life. But, I love it. Motherhood means I get to watch kids’ films in my PJ’s, pick wild flowers and weave them into plaits “like Rapunzel”, make blue play dough  instead of the morning commute.


I love my family, and I love who I am as a Mum. Oh, just found a sticker under my sock…



Jo Gifford is a designer, writer, blogger and Founder of Project Endo. She runs a website for self-employed mums called Mother Mind Your Own Business, and can be found lurking on Twitter @dexdiva.

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