My motherhood by Helena Wilson-Beevers

My motherhood makes me feel like one lucky lady. I was diagnosed with endometriosis at the grand old age of 23 and 6 months later told babies were not a certainty. Crazy menopausal drugs followed, which brought tropical hot flush moments aplenty. At this point doctors warned me to not wait for a career, a mortgage or to be ‘sorted’, that if I were to have children my only time was now. The beautiful Lyla Rose arrived in June 2009 and my gorgeous Theo Lewis two years later. Throughout these experiences a steely determination grew within me and I began to realise dreams of a writing career. In 2011 I joined the fabulous fashion, family and lifestyle site StyleNest as a contributor and columnist, entering the wonderful world of self-employment.


My appreciation of our children is closely matched by a firm gratitude for my own parents. It was no coincidence the year I had Lyla Mum got extra Christmas presents. “How did she do this THREE times?” I screamed during a very long first labour. When I tearfully struggled to breastfeed Theo my midwife Mum was the one to describe that stage as such a tiny part of my mama journey. She emphasised that it is how close you are when your babies reach 25 that matters. That thought has stayed with me throughout any parenting challenges or doubt days. If I can have the same incredible bond with Lyla and Theo when they grow up as Mum and I do, I know my motherhood will have been a success.



Helena is mama to Lyla and Theo. Her blog is called Mummy Mode.


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  1. Julia says:

    Beautiful & touching! Well said Mummy Mode x

  2. Marian says:

    Helena sounds like a wonderful mom, she does knows her blessings and knows how to appreciate them. Hurray for this mom♥

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