My Motherhood by Fritha Strickland

‘I have always wanted to be a mum. Ever since I was a little girl playing with my dolls or role playing ‘families’ with friends in infant school; I always knew I wanted that for my future.

Although Wilfryd is my first child I have been pregnant three times. My road to motherhood wasn’t an easy one so when we had ‘passed’ the safety of the 12 week mark I made an effort to enjoy every aspect of the rest of my pregnancy and his birth which was a wonderful experience. It was a shock to me then when I found out that I didn’t take to motherhood immediately. My first three months of Wilf’s life were in parts horrendous mixed in with little bits of amazing wedged in to keep me going. I struggled hugely with breastfeeding, I cried constantly and I winced/shook, screamed and curled my toes through mastitis, I felt completely lost and overwhelmed. The only thing that got me through those weeks without jumping off a bridge was my partner Tom.

Then somewhere around 12 weeks things seemed to change, I always loved Wilf but the intensity of my love for him seemed to explode, it was like I had come out of some strange fog and suddenly everything seemed to click into place. I’m so glad we got through those first tough months, breastfeeding became a hugely enjoyable experience, one we are still at 19 months enjoying and those boosts of oxytocin got me through every tiring day after yet another sleepless night. It’s such a pleasure and honour to spend my days with him, watch him develop and share jokes with him, I will certainly be sad when he realises I’m not the funniest person in the world.

Wilf is now a year and a half old and with every month I enjoy being a mother more and more. I’m not saying it’s all easy, and you better believe that glass of wine has been poured and is being drank as soon as the clock hits 6.30! But truly, it is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Becoming a mother strips you of your selfishness, there’s no space for it. You will never experience a feeling like the love you feel for your child, that primal ‘I would kill for you if it came to it’ soul wrenching feeling. I feel honoured to be a mother.



Fritha Strickland is proud mama to Wilfryd.  She is also the creator of the blog called Tiger Lilly Quinn.

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