My motherhood by Emma Tulloch

Nothing can prepare you for the moment you are handed your baby. You really have no idea how you are going to feel until it happens. When I had my first baby, Fraser, he was tiny – really tiny – and everyone kept commenting on how small he was but I didn’t notice, I was just so in love with him.


I took just a few months off for maternity leave as I run my own business. At that time, I didn’t have any staff so if I wasn’t in the office, there was no one else taking the calls and answering emails. It took almost a year to build the business back up again but it gave me more time with my son. When my second son arrived, Callum, we couldn’t afford to do this with our second so I didn’t take any time off. However, I had a lot more help in the shape of staff. So while I was in work most days, they were short days and my youngest came too.


As he got older, it was tricky, but we adapted. I make it sound so tough, and it can be – but not always! I have amazing children and a job that I love.


My children are happy, confident little people, and I love watching them growing and learning new stuff every day. I am also lucky enough to know some other mums who have young children and are running a business too.  Sometimes, when I’m working into the small hours, and the kids are asleep, I think about all the other women out there, working hard and at the same time wanting to be the best mummy in the world. We can only learn as we go – and if we do the best we can, I know we’ll get there in the end.



Emma is mama to Fraser, five, and Callum, two, and is the founder of online wedding stationery company Twenty Seven.

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