My motherhood by Betty Soldi

in italian, pregnancy is called 'la dolce attesa' - literally, 'the sweet wait - if you wish very hard, she will appear - 'feel honoured to have her', Super Mama bellissima T wisely told me holding my baby, 'they are their own beings, we are simply here to carry and guide them...' - breathe her in at every opportunity - give her your ultimate respect - ...the sweetness blossoms... - nurture empathy and complicity and have an affinity with who she is at every stage - recognise her growth struggles and remember your own in her tears -encourage her to have a good heart and to be all the magic that she is - rejoice in the laughter she brings - ...the sweetness flowers... - wonder at how you might have been at her age - be prepared for the long slow letting go - just as you get to know her she grows - hold each other's hand and spinkle stardust  between you - ... pure love is the sweetest thing - Betty loves living in Florence with Alma'

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