My Breast Cancer by Jane

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2011, my whole world turned upside down and I started a journey that I thought would last about 6 months and has in fact lasted 2 ½ years. A few weeks ago I had my final operation and I am feeling great.


There have been low points during my treatment such as losing my hair and having no energy. However, I made myself feel better by wearing makeup everyday, I wore scarves, wigs, sunglasses, hats. I had so many different looks and the reaction I got from friends was fantastic and it really did make me feel and look better. People said I was an inspiration to other women which was in itself a huge compliment.


I spent many weeks in hospital due to added complications with my blood. I made many new friends along the way. It’s a bit similar to having a baby; everyone has a different story, with their treatment and operations.


I am extremely happy with my new breasts, they look fantastic and I would urge all ladies to check your breasts for any changes, lumps, bumps or pains.


I put off going to the doctors because I was so busy being a working mother, it could have been a different story altogether, I am a very lucky lady and live everyday to the full. Xxx

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