My motherhood by Frederikke Magnussen

Motherhood to me is an open-ended book. All of the chapters are unique but you find yourself repeating and relearning each chapter when you have another child. I began my first chapter in a busy food market in France. I remember feeling very nauseous cursing all the French cheeses, ham and the sweaty locals. 10 minutes later I was violently vomiting behind nearly every stool. Then I found myself in an old pharmacy asking a frowning local for ‘la pregnancy test’ she gave me a knowing look that told me, ‘this is just the beginning, you’re in for a ride! ’ And then I saw my selfish youth end in two blue stripes.


After taking that test I now, 16 years later have 3 children and have learned that one way to deal with every test of motherhood is to enjoy the moment whatever it is… tantrums, long sick nights, angry emails from teachers, cooking and cooking for hours and no one eating it, to name a few. I tell myself stay present, engaged and open with no prejudice, don’t forget to laugh together and that it will pass so fast on the roller coaster of life. Motherhood is a big carriage, there’s ups and terrifying downs but stay on it because it’s so worth it to me. Being present and open hearted is what I have learned from my children when they were small and I am trying now to teach it back to them in their teenage years.


Frederikke Magnussen x

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  1. Our reason for mama mio musings is to inform, intrigue and amuse. If by chance we offend we apologise, but please know our intentions are good. As with all good conversations it is an exchange. We look forward to chatting with you. Tanya x

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