Let’s get out of here

The first trip out of the house with your newborn… daunting just doesn’t cover it. Don’t worry; the Mama Mio experts have some solutions.


Drive on

Your first trip out in the car with your baby can be scary, so get in a practice run first while your partner or husband is still off work. Make it a short trip and invest in a mirror for the back windscreen so you can see your baby in their rear-facing seat. Most babies will fall asleep as soon as the engine starts anyway! For advice on car seats visit www.childcarseats.org.uk


Walk the walk

Slings and baby carriers are good on foot and handy in smaller shops where there’s no room to manoeuvre a buggy. As for buggies, think about where you live before you choose. Some brands make super-streamlined models that are perfect for city pavements. But country girls might need a three-wheeler with treaded wheels to give more traction on mud, grass, sand and gravel, and these days they fold small enough to fit into the average boot.


On the buses

Some bus companies ask that all buggies are collapsed as you board; some provide a space for you to wheel your buggy on and ‘park’ it. Don’t let this put you off travelling by bus: it’s cheap and better for the environment. If you’re struggling to collapse your buggy, look for the woman who’s smiling at your baby – chances are she won’t mind holding him while you get sorted.


All aboard

Trains are much more baby-friendly these days and on local services you might find it as easy as wheeling on your buggy. On longer trips, try booking well in advance and getting a first class ticket – much more affordable than you would think and you’ll get more space. You could even see if you could swap seats with someone once you’re on board so that you have a spare seat next to you.


Mama Mio’s tips for stress-free travelling with a newborn



  • Take extra everything – you never know when you might be delayed.
  • Smile at people. They are so much more likely to help you!
  • Dress your baby in layers. They’ll be going from hot to warm to cold… and it’ll make it much easier to adjust their temperature.



  • Take noisy toys – you’ll drive your fellow passengers nuts.
  • Be over-ambitious. The ‘old you’ might have done the flight to Sydney with a two-hour stop-over, but with a baby it makes sense to break up your journey a bit more.
  • Get too stressed. It’s hard but your baby will pick up on it if you’re anxious.


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