It’s time to go back to work after your maternity leave…

How do you know when to go back to work after your maternity leave? Well, your employer will usually tell you, but you may also start to feel like you’re missing the office a bit, too! You organise your child’s meals using a spread sheet because you think it might be ‘fun’. You start emailing your colleagues at work, missing the gossip. Your mum calls and you tell her you can’t talk because you’re going into a meeting – with Peppa Pig.


But it’s not always easy to get back in the working saddle – here are our five tips for helping make the transition smooth:


Find the right childcare

It will make a huge difference to the way you feel about going back to work if you are comfortable and happy with your childcare. That could be a nanny, childminder, a nursery or relatives. Whoever it is, makes sure you are 100% confident in the abilities of your child’s carer before you step a foot back in the office.


One step at a time

Start your child’s care a couple of weeks before you return to work, so that you are dealing with that change first. You’ll also have a bit of time to yourself to chill out and prepare.


Stay connected

Remember that it is completely normal – and healthy – to miss your baby during the day. To help with the transition, keep photos and videos on your phone to make you feel connected during your working hours. Or if the nursery is close, you could arrange in the first couple of weeks to go and see your child at lunchtimes.


Make it count

One of the benefits of working is that when you are with your child you can devote your time to them completely. Make the time you do have together count – before you go to work sit and read a book together, and when you get in devote that time before they go to bed to them rather than household chores, if you can.


Enjoy it!

Working doesn’t just give you an income, it will stimulate you, provide you with adult conversation at the water cooler and can be a boost to your self-esteem. Not only that, you get to eat your lunch in peace and go to the toilet on your own – now that’s a luxury!

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  1. Love this post. It’s spot on! I can especially relate to ‘enjoy it!’.

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