I Love Steve Biddulph

I love Steve Biddulph.

I have never met him, but I really love him.  In his cover photo, he is not gorgeous.  But this doesn’t matter, I love him still.

He is this Australian guy who writes amazing books about the male species – I think he is a child psychologist, but he is not high fallutin.  He writes like a really cool guy you would get to chatting with at a BBQ (obviously he just hangs out at barbies all the time as he is Australian).

I read his book Raising Boys after the birth of my first son.  As a woman, I felt more than a little intimidated at the prospect of bringing up a member of the male species.  The book was great at quelling my fears.  And then when I read a book he wrote called Manhood which was very helpful in understanding the grown up man in the house!  When my second son was born and my first was 3, I read Raising Boys again.  He gave me so many tips, tricks and solid wonderful facts on how boys grow, what makes them tick,  how best to live along side them and most importantly how to help them prosper.  It is a really fast and entertaining read, so easy that over the years I have reread it several more times and always found new nuggets to help me with my mini men as they grow.

So if your baby is a boy, I would certainly buy it.

And if your baby is a girl, guess what? Steve has just published Raising Girls.  I don’t have girls, but I am thinking of buying it anyway… I bet it will teach me loads of things about the female species.

So Steve if you are reading this, I just want you to know…. I Love You.

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  1. Christina Chad-Whitehead says:

    Yes, yes YES! Absolutely! I LOVE this book! I’m in the UK and my sister in the USA strongly recommended it to me. I passionately believe EVERY parent with a son should read this, the earlier the better! It helped me to help him before and during starting school & to know what questions to ask the teachers specifically related to how they approach teaching them etc. Invaluable!

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