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In a lot of ways it is lovely frumping about in your stretchy leggings and just not worrying about what you look like.  The pressure is off to look your best.  You are a very busy woman doing very important work (building a new person – what is more important or difficult than that?!).  But come Christmas there are occasions that demand you raise your game.  And I thought it might be helpful to send out a bit of inspiration for you when you are wondering what to wear to the party.




This site is really great.  The clothes are gorgeous and it is exactly how I would want to dress if I was pregnant.  A few  caveats – the models in the photos do look amazing, I am pretty sure I was about twice the size of most of them, but don’t let that get you down.  They are models and it is their job and gift to look amazing even when they are pregnant.  The prices are serious on their clothes, but they are really cool! And whether you buy or not there are lots of great looks to inspire you with. This dress is awesome…click here



I also love Keungzai

They have this really good concept that the clothes are good if you are pregnant or not.  Which means they will take you through 9 months and out the other side when your body is sort of in between (this can be quite a long stage and quite difficult to dress for) right through to when you are back.  Smart.  So the investment in their clothes when you amortize if out over cost per wear  (CPW – a very female version of accounting!) is actually very low.   This dress is gorgeous… click here



Then there is good old Topshop

Which is fun fashionable and easy to justify. They do a really big selection of maternity clothes – but bear in mind that the quality and construction is not great.  So these are fun pieces but prolly won’t last much past nine months. This snakeskin dress made me smile – I love the idea that you will look like a snake that has just had a meal! It is probably worth a quick moment on make up.  Because that is a great way to raise your game, no matter your size.



Lisa Eldridge

Have you discovered Lisa Eldridge yet? She is amazing, and watching make up videos is kind of compulsive, once you start you can easily spend an hour going from look to look.  It is so crazy interesting how we can transform our faces with make up!  This one is simple and strong – just giving you easy peasy tips on how to look glowing and polished. click here



And finally remember that the absolute best way to look best is to feel your best.  Rub your belly and smile big and proud – you are a very important woman doing very important things.  Feel Super Confident In Yourself Super Mama!

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