Have you packed your hospital bag?

If you’re having a hospital birth rather than a homebirth, one of the exciting bits of preparation is packing your bag. But have you remembered our top five items?


Don’t forget your feet

Your body is too busy during labour to do things like keep your extremities warm, which is why you can often get cold feet during labour. So pack a pair of cosy socks. And remember, if you plan to spend a lot on an expensive pedicure before ‘b-day’, your midwife might destroy it in seconds with nail polish remover if there is any suggestion you might need a c-section – this is so your skin tone can be monitored during the operation.


Pay some lip service

Hospitals can be warm, and using gas and air for pain relief can dry your mouth, so always pack some lip balm. Try our OMega Wonder-Full Rescue Balm, as you can also use it on dry hands and elbows – in fact anywhere you need an intense dose of moisture that softens and soothes rough, dry skin.


We’re talking pants

Ditch the lingerie. You know those big, ugly pants that are just oh-so-comfy? Pack those. If you have a c-section you’ll need a pair that come right up over your scar, and however you give birth you’ll need room for maternity pads that (brace yourself) you’ll need to change every couple of hours at the start… or more.


Snack attack

Hospital vending machines are fairly limited so take time to think of some snacks that don’t need refrigerating that you can pop in your bag. If you’re at a loose end in the days leading up to going into labour, why not bake some hi-energy dried fruit flapjacks to freeze? You can squeeze them in between the nappies as you leave for the hospital and they’ll be defrosted by the time you need them.


Because you’re worth it

Hospital bathrooms are not exactly five star. But if you pack your favourite products (how about our ‘Congratulations Kit’?) you’ll emerge feeling a lot better than if you throw something really day-to-day in your bag. This is a special time – treat yourself to something fabulous and when you’re feeling a little bit battered and bruised, you’ll be glad you did.

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