Gimme a Beet

Ever since getting a juicer, I’ve noticed a few things. I feel more alive. I have more energy. My skin is brighter. I don’t get colds. In short, I LOVE JUICING. For me, juice isn’t a replacement for meals, but rather an addition to them. I go heavy on veggies and lighter on fruits to make sure I’m not overloading on sugar. On a recent break, I was absolutely jonesing for an organic juice bar – now more important to me than a good espresso. And that is high praise.


Here’s my favorite juice recipe. Feel free to tweak to your own tastes. The best green juice is the one you’re actually going to like and drink, so don’t stress if you’re not a fan of liquid broccoli (I’m not!).


Gimme a Beet:

Kale                             any kind

Parsley                       flat or curly

Carrots                       use at least 3 big ones – I like 5 in mine

Ginger                         a lot or a little – depends how spicy you like it

Lemon                        or lime

Apples                        whatever kind you like. Please buy organic.

Beets                           golden or purple – 1 medium sized is plenty – I cut big ones in half and use the next day


Things I’ve added and loved:



Pineapple                  substitute for apple

Kiwi                             substitute for apple

Oranges                     substitute for apple


What’s your favorite juice recipe? We’ll mix some up in the Mama Mio test kitchen and include our favorites on our blog.


Mara Stern x

Mama Mio US Marketing  and Avid Juicer

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