Enjoy it While You Can

Countless times when I was pregnant perfect strangers would walk up to my husband and I and say things like – ‘going to see a movie? Enjoy it while you can! Once you have that baby nothing will be the same’.  Or ‘Going out for dinner (for a walk, out to eat, to buy groceries…) Enjoy it while you can! Once you have that baby nothing will be the same.’


I found it really, really strange – most of them were clutching a toddlers hand or pushing a stroller, and they all seemed to really revel in the telling us that the future was pretty much going to be fun free.  That we could kiss goodbye all of our freedom and our joy because once the baby arrived – nothing would ever be the same again.


And do you know what? They were right.  Nothing was ever the same again. Everything changes, and so it should! Because you are a parent, and there is no title in the world that rings with as much responsibility or pride as a parent.  You are not the person you were before, nor would you want to be.


But far from being the doomsday as foretold by the toddler touting soothsayers, it is absolutely wonderful.  I am 14 years into my gig as a mama, and I just want to say it continues to grow and flourish and provide me with my greatest challenges and my greatest moments of pride.


I am currently on holiday with my mini-men in Wyoming.  We have just been playing cowboys for a week on a dude ranch and over the 23 hours travel, and the jet lag and the weird and wonderful conditions – there is no one I would rather be with than them.


So I am enjoying it while I can, as much as I can (and every day it just seems to get better).


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