Don’t Forget to Remember

It seemed crazy impossible that I would ever forget the magical moments of my son’s 18 months.  The day he first spoke, the day he first walked, what he ate, what made him laugh, the funny things he started saying as his speech capacity caught up with his mind.


But I have forgotten so much of it…and it totally saddens me.  And I really, really wish I would have been better at writing things down.


I remember the barriers though – I wanted to buy a beautiful scrap book, I wanted to glue in photos and ticket stubs and little hair cuttings.  But I never bought the book and as the piles of things accumulated it all became too onerous to actually get around to doing (like so many things!).


So I urge you to keep it simple.  Have a word document on your desktop entitled magic memory.   On that page scribble as much as you possibly can – be sure to stick a date next to the info.  And don’t worry how you write it – but please just write it all down.


The other day my eldest asked me what his first word was – and I had to call my mom! Between us we came up with what we believe is the truth (or at least it is now!)  But I can’t believe that I could have ever forgotten.


So get writing and do it now!

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