Cool tips for summer due dates

Are you about to have your baby – and struggling to stay chilled out in the warmer weather? Read our top five tips for being a cool mama to be…


As cold as ice

Make use of your freezer. Ice cream is soothing for third trimester indigestion, but also try healthy alternatives like frozen yoghurt. Or make your own lollies using plastic lolly making kits and use your favourite smoothie recipe or just a simple fruit juice. Crunching ice can be a great way to rehydrate during early signs of labour, too.


Heading for a melt down?

If you just can’t seem to lower your temperature, use baby wipes on the back of your neck and your face to cool yourself down. A cold flannel works just as well, or splash out on a facial spritz and keep it in the fridge door for when you need it.


Tie me up, tie me down

If you’ve got long hair it can make your neck and shoulders feel itchy and sweaty in the heat. Try this season’s fashion for French braids and fish tail plaits, or buy a bun ring and go for a glam ‘up-do’. If you normally blow-dry, leave your hair to style naturally as a hairdryer can make you overheat unnecessarily.


Go out in style

Summer is easier for maternity wear. Go maxi in a voluminous dress and let the air circulate under floaty layers. Pick natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and silk to let your skin breathe better. Why not add a little parasol to keep the sun off your face too?


Best foot forward

Your feet get hotter in warm weather and may swell, so wear flat comfy shoes and use a cooling foot product like our Lucky Legs. Try and elevate your feet whenever you can too, to prevent fluid retention and puffiness. If you feel as though your feet and ankles are suddenly more swollen than usual, talk to your midwife or GP.

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