Christmas gifts for pregnant friends – what NOT to buy…

Christmas when you’re pregnant can be all sorts of not much fun. You can’t fit into your favourite party dresses, you can’t have a glass of bubbly, your morning sickness makes the smell of turkey pretty much the worst thing ever and your swollen feet turns Christmas shopping into a real chore…


So if you have a pregnant friend, don’t make things worse for her by getting a gift she doesn’t want – follow our simple guide.


1.Skip the perfume – or indeed anything scented. First, most of us have a favourite perfume anyway. And second, strong smells are really off limits, especially when you’re in your first trimester and your senses have turned into super-senses.


2.Work-out things. She’s got plenty of time to think abut getting her body back once baby arrives. For now, it’s like you’re saying, wow, you’re erm… BIG. She doesn’t need that when everyone has got their slinky black dresses and heels out.


3.Which brings us to clothes. Let’s just leave them for now, especially if she’s at the ‘tent’ end of pregnancy when the only thing that fits is that weird maternity smock dress thing someone gave her, kind of as a joke.


4.Baby stuff. That’s for the baby shower. Christmas is about her, not about babygros, bibs or breast bumps…


5.Anything edible. Except chocolate. Chocolate is OK.


6.Alcohol or alcohol related accessories. What are you trying to do to this woman? Even if you say “it’s for when the baby arrives”, it’s still not much fun. So put the cocktail shaker, fancy wine glasses or bottle of coffee liqueur away, and get her something she can use right now.


That’s what not to buy her… and here are some ideas that will make your friend’s day on the 25th December. We’ve got you covered for Christmas gifts for all your pregnant friends!


Did you get any great – or not so great – gifts when you were pregnant? Tell us about them in the comments below!

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