Breastfeeding? You don’t have to forget fashion…

Clothes designed especially for breastfeeding mums used to live in the land that fashion forgot. But times have changed, and these days you can feed your baby and look fabulous too…


It wasn’t so long ago that breastfeeding women were pretty much confined to barracks. But a lot has changed in the space of a generation. And thank goodness: one of the many joys of breastfeeding is how practical it is when you’re on the go.


There are some savvy – and thoroughly stylish – mums who have turned their hands to creating breastfeeding clothes and accessories so desirable, you certainly won’t be passing them to your pregnant friend as soon as your baby is weaned.


The rather ingenious breastfeeding tops and dresses in the Babes with Babies ( range help mums feed quickly and easily, while keeping tummies covered. For example, the dual-layer ones like the gorgeous Mariposa tops and dresses (as worn by Jodie Kidd) look stylish, and one layer can be easily pulled to one side to access the feeding hole.


But what if you’re quite happy with all the bang-on-trend clothes you stopped wearing in your second trimester? The Mamascarf ( is useful because it allows any clothes to be worn for breastfeeding. Whether you lift up or pull down your clothing, you always have some privacy and cover for your breasts and tummy. It even doubles up as a scarf when not in use.


So, you’re heading out with baby, looking like very much the yummy mummy… don’t spoil it with an enormous, frumpy changing bag. Chetna Patel, creator of the Mamami By Chet ( brand of stylish baby bags says, “Breastfeeding mums still need to carry spare clothes, nappies, wipes, mat, breast pads… you name it. Just because there’s no bottle you still need a big kit!”


Chet’s Amara bag has been seen on the arm of fashionista mums such as Lauren Laverne and singer Sophie Ellis Bextor. No wonder: it’s living, patent leather proof that something can be utterly luxe and thoroughly practical, with its beautiful nickel hardware and quick-find, wipe-clean pockets to remove the nuisance of digging around looking for things in a hurry.


What are your favourite fashion brands for breastfeeding and new mamas? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. My favourite breastfeeding accessory was LilyPadz. They are clear and a silicon-type texture that sticks to your skin. It’s flexible and breathable and way better than crumpled, unsightly breast pads.

  2. great tip – thank you Glam Mummy!

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