Being a mama makes you… AMAZING.

So, you’ve had a baby. Wow. It’s all a bit crazy isn’t it? But your life isn’t all that’s changed. You have, too – and get this: it’s for the better.
Remind yourself of what you’ve achieved physically – you’ve brought a human being into the world, and that takes a lot of strength. And so will carrying the baby around, collapsing the buggy, staying up all night when they’re ill – you’ll find reserves you never thought you had.
Being pregnant and breastfeeding is known to reduce the risk of certain types of cancer. But that’s not all. Looking after your body and your growing baby is a good way of teaching your self healthier habits that will last a lifetime.
…more caring
Have you questioned why you’re smiling at old ladies in the street and sobbing at advertisements that involve babies… or puppies… or… anything? It’s your hormones – and more specifically, oxytocin, a.k.a the cuddle hormone. So you’re not imagining it – you are more caring.
Your mama body has done an amazing thing: it’s grown another human being. Which makes it kind of special, regardless of any wobbly bits and stretch marks – so you might find you feel more confident… and sexy!
… more efficient
Wondering why you’re getting a lot more done – even though you’ve got children to look after? Parents have to be smarter and learn how to multi-task. However you manage it, days when you ‘just don’t get anything done’ are few and far between!
…more patient
There are moments when you’re a mama you’d think would make you scream in frustration – but you (usually) don’t. Empathising with your kids helps you to be patient and understand their needs, something you can then apply in other areas of your life.
…more unselfish
When you have children, you spend less time and money on yourself. Health and memories become much more of a priority. So being a mama helps you to see what’s important in life and what’s not – how cool is that?
How do you think you’re better now you’re a mama? Tell us in the comments section below!


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