Beauty tips for breastfeeding mamas

Breastfeeding is an amazing thing – but it can take a minor toll on your beauty routine. That’s because, if you’re breastfeeding, you might find that your body needs a bit of help getting extra hydration. Drinking plenty of water is one way of dealing with it – but here are some other ways of keeping yourself looking like a plump and juicy grape instead of a dried up raisin!


Don’t neglect your bodycare routine. Your skin is your largest organ – help to retain hydration levels and keep moisture locked in by applying a body cream after showering or bathing, like our OMega Super-rich Body Cream


Treasure your chest. Boob Tube, our bust firming cream keeps the skin on your chest firm and crinkle-free. Get super sag prevention thanks to a high concentration of omegas, botanical extracts and antioxidants. And like all Mama Mio products, it’s totally safe to use when breastfeeding, but not very tasty – so please avoid the nipple area.


Hands can be the first place you notice dryness. Try keeping a tube of hand cream close to the chair where you normally breastfeed. And choose a moisturising hand soap as you’ll be doing a lot of hand-washing with all those nappy changes!


Hair can start to look parched when you’re breastfeeding. Treat it to a weekly hair masque. If time is short – as it probably is with a new baby – skip the soak in the tub and instead wrap your head in cling film and let the masque soak in while you do some chores. Try Ogario Restore & Shine Hair Masque – smells delicious!


Love your lips. Lips don’t contain any sebaceous glands so are often the first place to get cracked and sore if your body is lacking in moisture. Remember – anything spare will be going to help your baby grow! Invest in an omega-rich balm that can be used on lips but also dry cuticles, elbows, feet – anywhere in fact. Our OMega Wonder-Full Balm is perfect for new mums.


Eat your water! A great way of moisturising your skin from the inside is to ‘eat’ your water rather than just drink bottles of it. Why? The nutrients that water-rich food gives your skin are incredibly beneficial. And it’s no coincidence that fat and sugar don’t contain water at all. So keeping the zero-water foods down to a minimum is good for your skin – and also your overall health. Bonus!

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