Babies don’t come cheap…

A lot of us go for brand-new when we have our first baby. But in an age of recycling – and credit crunches – does this really make sense… especially when all the nice things get pooed on anyway…?


When you get pregnant, it can feel like a whole new world of retail therapy opens up. There is just so much you feel you need to buy… Or think you need to buy. Tummy-time mats, microwave sterilisers, four different types of sling, a travel system, a baby gym…


But once you have your baby, it won’t be long before you realise that if you insist on brand-new stuff, you are not only a bit of an environmental hazard, you are also a touch crazy. Because whatever the item is, and wherever it is stored, it will be vomited on, broken or grown out of before you even notice if it’s any good. That’s a parenting fact.


So the white organic cotton babygro you spent a small fortune on will be decorated with that very special type of newborn poo and then condemned to the wheelie bin. The sheepskin rug thing which your baby was meant to love rolling about will appear to be, from his reaction, made of stinging nettles. And the fancy ergonomic baby seat for the bath will be used for about a week because your baby will learn to sit up and find it quite insulting.


Our advice? Save your pennies, and get hold of what you can, where you can. You’ll need your cash for nappies and as everyone knows, maternity pay isn’t exactly a lottery win. Here are our top tips for kitting out your nursery for less:


1.Charity shops are amazing. Once the domain of grannies and hippies, these places are perfect for baby equipment, toys, clothes, books and DVDs


2.eBay is awesome – even if you’re not into bidding, it’s a great place to buy things for less – look for ‘Buy it now’.


3.Netmums  has a great ‘Nearly New’ section on their site.


4.Gumtree  is excellent for finding people selling baby equipment locally.


5.NCT Nearly New Sales have everything from cots and toys to clothes and highchairs.


6.Freecycle  is an ideal way of finding, or giving away, old baby stuff, and it’s nice to know it goes to another family who will use it.


Where did you get hold of – or get rid of – your baby equipment? Share your tips in the comments below…

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