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Mother, Founder, Wordsmith, V. Opinionated person on lots and lots of things. My very best things in life - Finn (14), Cally (11) & Ana (26)

Miscarriage   My first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage at 5 months.  I was absolutely devastated.   I had spent most of the previous ten years worrying about getting pregnant and doing everything in my power to stop this from happening unexpectedly.  I assumed getting pregnant was as easy as switching a vacancy light on […]

This Song is for You   In each of my pregnancies I had a song that was a constant refrain throughout the nine months.  They were different songs, both equally obscure…but they came to me and found their way to my vocal chords more and more frequently as I rub, rub, rubbed my growing tummy […]

One of the major perks of pregnancy is great boobs. Big, bountiful, lust inducing boobs.  This was such a total oddity for me – as I have always been flat as a pancake and happy with my meagre bosom.  And so I played around with the reactions – I really dressed to my new amazing […]

Having spent a good chunk of our lives talking about or being pregnant…. we have developed a little handy dandy 10 tip list that will keep you feeling gorgeous and strong and sane and celebratory throughout your nine months.   Congratulations!   1. Rest Remember that being tired when you are pregnant is not like […]

Confession.  I gained a lot of weight in each of my pregnancies.  I remember looking wistfully at my still small wrists in my 8th month, and thinking this is the only part of me that has not swelled to thrice its size.  But it all felt kind of fine, because I figured it would all […]

This is a tiny little tip… but a very, very good one.  If you are in the market to buy a new car to fit the new family in.  Buy an automatic.   When I was pregnant with my first, we had to get a sensible car, which meant the old Saab convertible had to […]

No More Scary Stories   Why is it that so many women feel compelled to tell pregnant women scary birth stories?  They actually seem to relish passing on the gory details with an expression of cruel delight as they watch the recipient wince and recoil in fear. Like an old soldier describing his battle wounds […]

Pregnancy is a particularly nervous time for women, there are a lot of genuine concerns that go along with making miracles.  As such, it is a time when we are really vulnerable to scaremongering.  The RCOG paper is so generalist and alarmist, I fail to see how it can be helpful.  Women need very clear, […]

The joys of a crisp white shirt   I love a crisp white shirt.  I love one on me.  I love one on my kids.  I love one on a handsome man.  It just sort of speaks of cleanliness and order and clarity and focus. It looks good and smells good and is ready for […]

It Is Only Temporary   I remember when my first baby was born and as much as I loved him explosively, endlessly, ferociously – I found the experience of being a new mother completely overwhelming, and I really did not feel very good about myself. I was astounded by how I had morphed overnight into […]